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Raf Cyran | founder & producer

Raf got his passion for music at an early age. When his parents made him listen to the Phil Collins & Chester Thompson duet, he realised the drums were what gave him true energy. At the age of 5 he got his first small drumkit and from that moment onwards, he could never stop thinking about music.

This love for music escalated to a point where nothing was ever enough. He started learning to play the guitar, bass & piano during the following years and did a few singing and vocal effects lessons as well. He graduated magna cum laude at Tienen's music school where he was taught percussion, guitar and music theory in both classical and contemporary genres.

He played drums in a jazz combo and a punk rock band. Spent quite some time as a bassist and background singer in a hard rock band and later on in a metalcore band. Meanwhile Raf decided to delve into the world of music production. Where he began learning to create synthesized sounds and electronic music. After about a year, his best friend Wolf joined him to form the DJ/producer duo FarFlow. At this point they released two EP's and a few singles and they gained support from the likes of Noisia, Suiker Rock, Chase, Soul Lab and more.

During the last few years Raf spent all of his student job savings on building his own recording studio in the center of his hometown Tienen and decided that he wanted to boost his city's local scene because he felt these talented musicians didn't get the attention they deserved. He learnt himself how to record, mix and master bands and started working with bands in the area under the name of his label Cyran Records.

Until now, Cyran Records has helped numerous bands and projects and they, now a small team of motivated people, are constantly planning the next big thing. And they're only here to grow!