What do we do?

We believe that every musician deserves the chance to show their music to the world. 
So we take care of that.


Recording, mixing & mastering

We offer our artists the chance to record their music in our own recording studio based in Tienen, Belgium.
After recording the tracks, we take care of mixing and mastering to make sure our artists' songs are of great quality when they want to put their music out there.

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Online & offline distribution

We also take care of our artists' music distribution. We ensure that the songs are available on all major and lesser-known distribution channels like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Store, etc. 
Shazam song recognition will also be taken care of.

For select collaborations there's also a possibility for distribution of CD's and vinyls to stores.

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Support & coaching

We tend to have a very close relationship with our artists and will always see that they have all they need. We provide support on the fields of marketing, online presence, songwriting, etc. 
Photoshoots, music videos and graphic design (logo's, album artwork,...) can also be taken care of.

Work with us.


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