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Dirty Toy Company

We are Dirty Toy Company, a Belgian hard rock band formed in the spring of 2011. We bring both hard rock covers and original songs. Each time we hit the stage we only have one mission: KICK SOME ASS and have a great fuckin’ time!

Founding members Wouter (drums) and Remco (leadguitar) are both die hard AC/DC fans, so we started out as an AC/DC coverband. The name “Dirty Toy Company” was chosen not long after the formation. At that time we had already progressed into different genres, like grunge and hairmetal. Still, even nowadays, hard rock is our fundament.

We played our first gig in November 2014, and since then we’ve conquered many stages! Goin’ from small local pubs to bigger local festivals. In August 2015 we released our first song called “BURN YOU DOWN”, which turned out to be quite successful! We are currently recording our first EP and we’ve got many cool concerts ahead!

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